How to Expunge Your Criminal Charges

Criminal records are associated with a number of unwanted consequences, regardless of whether you are convicted or only arrested. For instance, all landlords and employers prefer to ask people whether they were convicted in the past. This means that you may be rejected from a good job only because of this.

The great news is that it is possible to get your previous conviction or arrest expunged from records. You should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in tucson arizona to get a better understanding of the main steps involved. Answer a few basic questions listed below.

•    What is this expungement all about?

This process refers to sealing all kinds of conviction and arrest records. Each state has the laws that allow individuals to expunge their previous arrests and convictions from their criminal records. Remember that they may vary from one state to another, and that’s why you should hire a local attorney. As soon as such records become expunged, they won’t be disclosed to other people, including your potential employers.

•    Who is eligible to benefit from this legal solution?

Your expungement can provide you with a fresh start, so that you need to investigate its procedures and jurisdiction. The first thing that should be done is checking a local criminal court. There are certain aspects that you need to find out.

Whether the particular offense can be expunged. For instance, jurisdiction in your local area may allow it only for misdemeanors and arrests. If you have a felony conviction, you won’t be able to get rid of it.

When you are eligible for this process. It may be accessible only when people finish serving their sentences, such as any form of probation.

What the entire process involves. You should hire good criminal lawyers to complete it with ease.

The consequences you will have to face after it. If your past conviction is expunged, it may be disclosed in certain situations. For example, licensing boards and police departments are eligible to get detailed information about the criminal records of all job seekers.

•    How can you get a certificate of your actual innocence?

It is the most powerful type of expungement because it does much more than only eliminating your past criminal records. It proves that they’ve never existed at all. You can get it only with the help of professional defense lawyers, so make sure that you have the best one at your side.