Advantages Of Using A Finish Nailer

When first starting a construction or remodeling project, it may not seem like a herculean task to use a standard hammer and nails during the process. As time progresses, you will most likely come to realize that the old fashioned hammer and nail idea is outdated for a reason. Each nail must be physically held in place and hit repeatedly with the head of the hammer in order to be driven properly into the wood. In comparison, a finish nailer holds all the nails inside the tool and when the trigger is pulled, the nail is inserted into the wood on the first try. Saving much time and aggravation.

When deciding on a nail gun, there are many to choose from depending on the application for which it will be used. Framing nailers are typically used for lighter applications such as trim work, furniture building or cabinet construction. Because these nailers don’t have to exert the power of a larger nail gun, they are lighter weight and easier to handle. They usually run in the 4 – 6 pound range, but it is possible to purchase a lightweight finish nail gun that only weighs 2.5 pounds, yet packs a strong kick to get the job done.

Depending on your needs, a pneumatic or cordless nail gun may be a better fit for the job. A pneumatic nail gun uses the air of a compressor to shoot the nails into the material being fastened together. This nail gun can be used an unlimited amount of time, but the tool does require constant connection to the compressor by way of an air hose. A cordless nail gun allows for freedom of movement, as it uses disposable compressed air canisters. When the canister empties, it must be replaced before the nailer can continue being used, causing a problem if you don’t have a ready supply.

A finish nailer is a helpful tool for the novice, weekend Do-It-Yourselfer and also for the professional carpenter or woodworker. It will save countless hours compared to pounding nail after nail when working on a project. A lightweight framing nail gun will help make your project go smoother and may save a few fingers in the process.