4 Types of Audio Distribution Amplifiers

These days, efficient audio distribution amplifiers play an important role when it comes to improving the quality of audio sounds and signals. That’s why they are used by many consumers. This equipment incorporates a number of technological advances. It makes sense to use such amps when arranging all kinds of public events, such as conferences and meetings.

The first thing that should be done is getting a better idea of their available types. Keep in mind that they all come with their pros and cons. They should not be overlooked to make a sound investment. If you need to distribute your audio signal properly, make sure that you pick the right type of amplifier.

1)    FET. Such units use one or more FETs or field-effect transistors. The best part is that they offer quite high input impedance while their output impedance is low. There are many devices that are included in this group, so that it is easy to find them almost in any shop, regardless of whether it is online or standard.

2)    Tube audio distribution amps. The main difference is that they include special vacuum tubes to convert audio signals. The current you obtain is necessary to power your speakers. If you prefer to improve the strength of your audio signal, it makes sense to combine multiple vacuum tubes. You can divide all distribution amps of this type into two basic categories, low and high power models. The latter ones have a pentode circuit design, and the first amps have a single ended triode design. If you have high efficiency speakers, you should choose the first group.

3)    Different classes. The class of audio distribution amplifiers refers to their specific circuit design. When looking for the most powerful one, pay attention to class A. Another great thing is that such units have quite a low distortion level. Class B is popular for its tendency to idle if there is no available current. Such audio amps are quite efficient in their functioning, but they have high distortion levels. Class AB offers a great combination of the above-mentioned types. This means that such devices combine their best features. Pick the right one based on your specific requirements.

4)    Multichannel, stereo or monoblock. Your final choice depends on intended applications. For instance, when planning to use audio distribution amps only for your home theater, buy the multichannel ones. When looking for high power ratings, decide on monoblock amplifiers.