3 FAQs Related to Hiring a DUI Lawyer

A DUI charge can leave a deep trace on your life, starting with a conviction, fines and penalties it brings, and ending with problems in your private life. You can lose your insurance benefits and reputation, experience career issues due to a conviction. DUI is treated as a criminal offence, regardless of the graveness of each particular case. At the same time, a DUI conviction can be dismissed much easier than a criminal one, especially if you have an experienced lawyer. Below you will find more info on why you need a lawyer, how to choose one and fight the conviction.

•    Why do you need a DUI lawyer?
A DUI conviction is a serious one. If you have no legal education and knowledge, you will probably fail to handle your case on your own successfully.

•    Which qualities can be found in a really good DUI lawyer?
A good and reliable lawyer has a long practice in the field of DUI. Such a lawyer has participated in court hearings, undertaken numerous cases and won. Experienced lawyers also know peculiarities and possible fails of practically any devices that are used for testing. Good lawyers are available for consultations at practically any time of day or night. If you need explanation, you can have it in simple words and a comprehensive manner. Finally, a good lawyer gives a lot of attention to the case, studying the smallest details that are often overlooked by common people.

•    How can a lawyer help you with your DUI charge?
Experienced lawyers know several usual weak points of DUI arrests. That is why they will be searching for answers to the following questions: Was there a true reason to pull the vehicle over (speeding, too slow driving or other potentially dangerous kinds of movement on the road)? Were field sobriety tests conducted as due and without violations of the law? Was the preliminary alcohol screening performed in a proper way? Was the police record on the things that were happening put down in a correct way? Was the level of alcohol in your blood surpassing the legal limit?

Dismissal of a DUI charge is a great idea, because it not only returns you the reputation and status, but also saves you money. You have your vehicle back, your driving license is valid again and you can keep on living the normal life.