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Calgary Hot Tub Covers, Hot Tub Lid Replacement, Spa Covers

Calgary is Alberta’s biggest city. It is located in the southern part of the province and is about 80 km from the foot of the Canadian Rockies. Calgary’s metropolitan population is well over 1.2 million now and growing quickly!  Calgary is a city that is popular because of it’s economic boom and because of it’s beautiful location.  Prairie dwellers don’t have to go far to enjoy the beauty of the great Canadian Rockies.  The best of both worlds. 

A number of Canada’s finest parks are within easy and reachable driving distances. Amazing shopping and also the beauty of the arts bring many people to Calgary. Calgary has been given the nickname ‘Cowtown’...

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Three Pitfalls Most New Internet Marketers Make And Why They Fail

The internet is a vast network of incredible potential. If you’ve not yet taken a ride on the internet career (internet marketing) superhighway then you are in for a great ride. You have to be very realistic about it, however, or you will crash and burn because you will be driving the highway blind!

Pitfall 1:  Not Looking Both Ways Before Crossing “The Highway”

What many try to do is navigate the internet atmosphere based on innuendo and speculation given to them from the many invalid marketing courses out to take their hard earned money...

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Security Guard Scandals

When individuals or companies decide to procure the use of a professional security services company like Unified Protective Services, they usually assume that the employees have been thoroughly screened. This would include applicable background searches, reference checks and even random drug testing. It can be quiet an unexpected blow to find out that one of these employees was in the past or is currently under investigation for improper conduct. It is even more disarming to find that the event or events that they were allegedly involved with were a matter of national security or involved parties of prestige, status or political importance. Here are a few recent events that made news, and made people think about the people they employee on a regular basis...

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